first-person magical items and projectiles

I’ve been working on several features of Arcana Manor which are starting to add to the magic system.  The first is that I re-sized all of my tarot objects (the suits like cups and swords) and placed mount nodes on them so that they can be equipped as weapons in first-person view.   I worked […]

Moving Platforms

It’s been a few days since I’ve updated progress on Arcana Manor because I’ve been intently involved in implementing an important feature: moving platforms.  These are moving planes or scaled cubes that players can stand on top of, moving along with the platforms as on an elevator.  These moving platforms are important, by definition, to […]

First-person spells and current-gen character development

Over the last few days, I’ve been implementing some first-person spells in Arcana Manor, i.e. spells that look good from a first-person perspective, which is not really the format for which ArcaneFX is designed.  Gareth Fouche (a Garagegames community member and Torque designer) made a good spell-casting resource that uses projectiles to cast spells–an approach […]

soundtrack clip and working melee

Today, I implemented two new Arcana Manor features that I’ve been wanting and working toward for a while. I now have a rudimentary soundtrack in the form of a looping 30-second clip from Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens.  I also managed to fix a melee system that has been broken for a while because of […]

new Arcana Manor feature: mounted particle emitter

Finally, after six months, succeeded in attaching a particle emitter to the cursor. This is the beginning of a gestural magic system, since the player can now trace sigils in the air because the cursor leaves behind a trail of glowing particles (in this case, fire) which look like a will o’ the wisp. Here’s […]

A few theoretical thoughts about magic systems, allegory, programming

I don’t think about theory much these days, focusing more on creative projects. For the last couple of days I’ve been doing some preparation for my classical myth and media class, which sparked a few theoretical thoughts.  Also, I’m continuing to think about magic systems, inspired in part by a podcast ( on which Roger […]

today’s short-term goals for Arcana Manor

Model the demon using Ron’s orthogonals Write and/or implement new AI scripts to spawn more monsters Download and apply new textures from cg textures (wood especially) Script a telekinesis spell (raise one platform using a transform and/or apply impulse function) Make the hexagram gui connect its points through pressing buttons that switch out bitmaps, preferably […]

Return to Joan

I also recently returned to the Joan of Arc tutorial in Softimage, where I finished the modeling portions of the tutorial.  Among other features, I added hair, finished the chest armor, added a skirt, a leather corset, and upper arm armor.  Here is a screenshot.  More will follow displaying the various components of the model.

“A Wicked Pack of Cards”: Video of New Arcana Manor Build

This is a video of the newest build of Arcana Manor, a 3d action-adventure game about running and jumping through a surreal occult mansion while casting spells based on the tarot and ceremonial magic. This build showcases several new features, including two tarot-based interfaces for spell-casting, spells powered by ArcaneFX, new environments such as a […]

Magic System, Part III: Implementing specific features

Overview Each tarot card is a spell. The minor arcana (the suit cards with varying numbers of wands, cups, pentacles, and swords) are low-level alterative, restorative, protective/illusionary, and aggressive spells. Players cast these spells very frequently, and the process of casting them should be quick and addictive. The major arcana (the 22 pictorial cards with […]

Programming progress

Over the last several weeks, I have implemented several features in TGEA, but many of them are in separate project files, builds, and/or software versions.  For this reason, I need to keep a list of these so that they can eventually be combined into one file. 1) Implemented a functional inventory system with associated GUI […]

New Arcana Manor video

As promised, here is a new video of a small portion of a level in my game-in-progress, Arcana Manor. I built this level in the Torque Game Engine Advanced, and I made the 3d models of the tarot suits in XSI. I also made many of my own textures in GIMP. I scripted the inventory […]