Programming progress

Over the last several weeks, I have implemented several features in TGEA, but many of them are in separate project files, builds, and/or software versions.  For this reason, I need to keep a list of these so that they can eventually be combined into one file.

1) Implemented a functional inventory system with associated GUI (along with 2-3 separate inventory systems from GarageGames, many of which were stymied by outdated resources but all of which were educational).

2) Implemented two spells which allow the player to throw a fireball, as well as an associated system that enables invisiblity and healing spells if I bind them to a key.

3) Am well on my way to implementing a simple melee system by James Thompson.

Some of my fellow garagegames developers have suggested that I should invest in the ArcaneFX add-on, which has a lot of customizable special effects that lend themselves to a magic system.  That’s a good idea, although parting with the $85 dollars at this point in time is a painful prospect. :)

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