New gameplay footage (music, telekinesis, invisibility, planets)

I just posted two new videos of gameplay footage from the most recent build of Arcana Manor (7-27-09).

The video has two parts.

The first part demonstrates several new features, including:
musical tones that correspond to colors and planets in the magic system,
mountable weapons based on the tarot suits,
elemental projectiles flung from melee weapons,
weapon cycling,

guard bots with basic AI,
an invisibility spell,
a demon model with flame effects from a procedural shader

The second part showcases these features:

a spell interface based on tarot cards
Moving platforms
A telekinesis spell
Collectible orbs whose colors and associated musical tones correspond to the seven planets of the ancients
A color-based and tonal magical interface corresponding to the orbs

One thought on “New gameplay footage (music, telekinesis, invisibility, planets)

  1. Magic system reminds me a little of the Arx Fatalis or the Glyph system in Dawn of Sorrow though the musical note spin is nice. It appears the game has some lag issues (or the video just lags) you may want to consider a clipping range so you don’t have to draw everything (you may already have this but it seemed like you could see way off into the distance). But over all I have to say I am damn impressed never thought I would see a game being built by the English Major that lived next door.

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