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My friend and collaborator Kris Maxwell just finished editing a video on quest spaces in which I summarize and expand on the content of Quests, chapter one. I’m very grateful to Kris, whose work can be seen at, for his help with this video and hope that it is useful to the readers of this blog.

8 thoughts on “Quest Spaces Video

  1. I’d like to point out that I made a huge sacrifice to make this video: I had to actually PLAY “Heroes of the Lance” again. That game is a sin against man and nature.

  2. Very insightful, Jeff! It encourages me to go back through some of the games I finished playing and observe more closely the level design.

  3. Phenomenal presentation, my friend — insightful, engaging, and (dare I say) structural interesting and pregnant with meaning. So many games I recognize; so little time ever to play them again. I look forward to seeing more, Jeff.

  4. Very interesting! Compelled me to buy the book! Would be great to have more videos like this one… Thanks!

  5. The video is very good. I just read chapter one today, and was trying to put some of the ideas from both chapter one and the introduction into effect. Looking forward to checking back on your blog, and I’ll send a note when I finish the PW. The book is very good so far, thank you.

  6. Very good video. I just ordered your book. :)

    When I searched online for books on creating quests for computer RPGs, yours was the only one I was able to find. I can easily find small articles and ‘know it alls’ arguing on internet forums, but there are almost no serious works on this subject. Apart from your book, I can only name two authors who have covered material in this area. One was written in the 1980s for D&D and the other more recently for pen and paper RPGs.

    So my question is if computer games are making more money than Hollywood, why are so few people studying and writing about this subject?

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